Welcome to my blog! Drinking and learning about wine is one of my hobbies. Sometimes, I crack open a bottle of some delicious juice, whirl it in a glass, sniff, sip, and try to understand what makes it special. This blog is my personal exploration into metaphor, memory, and the sensory indulgence of drinking wine.

As a working journalist, I don’t often have time to drink wine or update this blog. But I’ll write something when I can.

Tasting poison

NOTE: I wrote this piece some time in February, while I was living in Durham. I’ve since moved back to New York. I don’t remember exactly why I didn’t post this. I probably felt a little embarrassed. But I am posting it now. * The memories taste like poison. Let me tell you why.   Whenever…

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Where I am now

In August, I moved away from natural wine. Bringing a few suitcases stuffed with clothes, books, and a laptop, I relocated to a southern city for a year-long journalism fellowship. In this North Carolina town, natural wine is craft beer. Instead of kooky bottle shops loaded with wines of different sizes like a dusty, old…

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Natural wine and a dollar

The Price for Surprise

Long before I first tried natural wine, my dad introduced me to the kind of wine that he loved. We liked to eat at a neighborhood steakhouse on special occasions, located a few minutes away from his house in the Bay Area suburbs. It was the only fancy place in town. Seated at a table…

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